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Aluminum, PVC, and stained glass works

When using PVC, which is characterized by the lowest values of heat loss, and also - the correct type of glass, one can find it feasible to increase the heat savings. Doors and windows made of PVC, which is based on the concepts of heat and sound insulation, are one of the best affordable and practical options.

Railing systems

Suitable for any interior, railings are made of aluminum, glass, stainless steel, organic glass (Plexiglas) and cast aluminum, and effectively perform both protective and decorative functions.

Visor (sunshade) of National Conservatory building

The visor is not only a decorative element that makes building’s facade more attractive. First of all, the visor above the porch / door or any other structure is an important element that protects the entrance of the building from rain, snow and other precipitation.

Combined railing made of aluminum and glass

Combined railings made of aluminum and glass, installed along the perimeter of the pool, will provide both safety and aesthetics.

Leisure Center in Guba

The system of banded rails made of aluminum, installed on the territory of the recreation center, located in Guba.

pfb 3 years warranty

The guarantee for construction works of ours is a sign of confidence in the high quality of our services.

pfb Customer Satisfaction

Since its foundations to this day, the satisfaction of our customers is of the first priority for GlassHome.

pfb Efficiency

Delivering projects strictly on time / before the set deadlines and time saving